This video tutorial will cover everything you need to learn how to use the slider revolution 6. We’ll show you everything in this slider revolution tutorial so you really know how to use the slider revolution 6.

I hope you enjoy this updated video tutorial on how to use the slider revolution 2021. The last time we created this video was in 2016 and it was really well received. I hope we can do the same this time!

# 1: Get the Slider Revolution

The slider revolution is a premium plugin. I’m going to assume you already know that but if you didn’t, that means you have to pay for it. Yea, its a bummer but sometimes the best tools and resources are not free.

But you get a lot with the slider revolution, including free upgrades! Which is essential!

There are wo places you can get the Slider revolution and it really depends on you which you prefer.

Check which one you prefer but please use our link because it is an affiliate link so we get a small commission for referring you (no charge to you).

#2: Install/Activate the Slider Revolution

Once you download the slider revolution, you will want to make sure it is a zip file so you can install it as a plugin.

  1. Now just go to the plugins page on your wordpress website and install the slider revolution.
  2. Then activate it.

Now we can go and put in our code to activate the plugin for updates

  1. Click on the Slider revolution tab on the right hand side.
  2. On the top you should see Activation
  3. Put in your activation code so you can register

You need to activate everything so you can access all the templates and library from the slider revolution 6.

Now we’re ready to go to learn how to make our first slider using the slider revolution 6!

#3a: Make A New Slider

To make a new slider —

  1. Go to the modules tab
  2. Click “New Blank Module”
  3. Go through the Start Guide
  4. Choose Scene (or slider or carousel)
  5. Choose full screen (or any of the others)
  6. Choose intelligent inheriting
  7. Click go to Editor

Now we are going to learn all about how to use the Slider revolution as we make our slider

#3b Overview of the Slider Revolution Editor

In this section, I’ll give an overview of how to use the slider revolution. But the best way to really show you is by going through our exercise of using he slider.

It’s best to watch our video tutorial on the overview because there is a lot of little things and it would take forever to type up.

#4 Create Hero Slider

Now let’s add some layers!

Add an overlay

Now let’s add a headline

Now let’s add a sub headline!

We’ll do all the steps above, just having different font and a different position.

Now let’s add a button…if you want!

Now let’s add an icon

Make sure you preview the slider so you can see what it looks like!

Now let’s talk about animating the layers

First, let me just tell you, that all the animations are 1500ms

We can time them to show up at different places by moving them on the slider scale

The slider runs for 9 seconds. You can change this on the Module General Options > defaults > slider duration section

Select the layer you want to animate

I change the start times on them to different times. Watch the video to see what I do.

Make sure you save your changes! And that’s all we need to do for this first slider! Onto the next…

#5 Before and After Slider (Multi Page)

Just know that you can change the text and button and even positioning if you want for the before and after. It’s really up to you!

Super simple!

I’m going to add some animations and I’ll tell you what I add for each below and then we’re all done here!


I only added animations to the before side since that is what will be seen when the slider is loaded.

#5 Ken Burns Effect

Let’s do something simple before we do something really cool. Let’s talk about the Ken Burns effect with the slider revolution.

Hover over Add Slide

And add a blank slide

Let’s add a background image from the slide options (I’ll use the object library)

Choose the original size option

Now let’s just add some basic layers and animations before we do the ken burns effect

#6 Portfolio Slider / Website

This is a multipage slider so lets add our first slider

Add a subheading – this is the text we use to have different color font

HI, MY NAME IS <span style="color: #fff;">JOHN</span> AND I LOVE

Now we need to make another slider page and then we can link the button to that page.

SOME OF MY <span style="color: #fff;">BEST WORK</span>


Link main slider button

Now we need to add our other sliders

We create a few different slide pages for this portfolio slider. The steps are all the same and really depend on what you want to make. The best thing to do is watch the rest of the video tutorial on using the slider revolution 6.

I was typing this text tutorial as I was recording but never finished and might not make sense to keep typing it out. If you have a hard time following the video, let me know and I will have one of my freelancers finish this tutorial for you.

Thanks so much and keep on being amazing!

It looks like I need to finish the rest of this tutorial. In the mean time, go and check out the video on youtube.