I am super excited about this new tutorial on how to make an affiliate website with wordpress. This is the text tutorial for everyone – beginners to advance users.

Here is everything you need!

Best websites to become an affiliate

A lot of companies have affiliate programs. The best way to find out is to go to the footer of websites and see there is an affiliate link or “work with us” or partnership link and apply.

Tips to being an affiliate

How you can be a successful affiliate

To Make an Affiliate WordPress Website you need the following

Why the hosting company you choose matters

Some hosting companies are NO good. That’s the honest answer.

Other things to consider are speed, security, customer service and price.

I think price matters the least because most hosting services are cheap. However, you need to care about reputation. Some are better than others. In the end, I always believe you get what you pay for. Companies that charge more and don’t lower their prices…they wouldn’t be in business unless people supported the higher prices because of better service.

This is why I recommend Siteground – the hosting company recommended by WordPress and hosted on the google cloud. There are no better arguments than those two things for why Siteground is the hosting company you should be using.

Step #1: Register Domain and Hosting

We are going to go to Siteground to get our domain and hosting.

The reason why I recommend Siteground

Click on any of the siteground links above or below to go to the siteground website. They are affiliate links which mean I get a fee if you use the link, which supports this channel (no charge to you!)

Step 2: Install WordPress

To Install WordPress with Siteground, it is really simple.

Just go to your siteground dashboard, click new site, then click existing domain and select your domain.

Then click wordpress.

Fill out the email and create a password and click install.

Now we have our wordpress website and we are ready to start making our affiliate website 🙂 Congrats!!!

One of the things we do in this step is we turn on our SSL certificate. So if you want to do that, we need to go to the site tools in your siteground dashboard and then activate the SSL. We’ll talk more about this later when we log into the wordpress dashboard!

Step 3: WordPress Settings

Now we are going to go through our wordpress settings. We’ll create a home page and a blog page so we can set these two pages for our affiliate website with wordpress.

To make a web page you need to hover over pages and click on add new.

We’ll customize these pages later for our wordpress website.

Step 4: Install WordPress Theme

A wordpress theme is the bones and template for your website. We are going to go and install the OceanWP theme to use to make our affiliate website.

Step 5: Install Plugins

In this step, we are going to install the recommended plugins that we need in order to customize our website.

Here is a list the plugins you should install for this affiliate website tutorial with wordpress.

Step 6: Download the Demo Content

If you want to use the demo images that I use in my video tutorial and the demo website for this affiliate website tutorial, then please click on this link to download all the images.

To upload the images to your affiliate wordpress website, what you need to do is go to your wordpress dashboard, hover over media and click on add new.

Then click on select and upload your images.

Step 7: Theme Settings

Now what we are going to do is show you how to customize the colors and layout options that I chose for my affiliate website.

To go to the theme settings, hover over appearance and click on customize.

See below or the wordpress website layout settings I selected –

Site Identity – add a tagline (if you want: Everything Mirrorless)

General Options


Sidebar widget font – 16px

Widgets 14px

Blog – blog entries – grid style

Side bar – titles color ffd501

Footer widget – disable

Footer bottom – disable

And you’re done!! But make sure to change the colors and everything to how you want YOUR affiliate website to look like. Mine is just how I made my website 🙂

Step 8: Make Homepage

Please watch our video tutorial on how to create your entire wordpress website home page. It is very easy and we have a pre made template you can just upload but you should learn how to use the elementor page builder by creating your website first.

We will be creating multiple sections.

Step 9: Footer

For the footer, the first thing we have to do is go and create some menus for the affiliate marketing website.

Step 10: Blog Posts

To create blog posts, please go back to your wordpress dashboard.

Hover over post. Click on add new.

You can create any type of content you want and use the block builder to add images, change texts and everything else.

Make sure you are reviewing products and providing value. This is how you will gain trust with your visitors so they will use your affiliate links when you recommend products.

Please make sure you are optimizing your blog posts with good titles and your keywords so you can rank on google and search engines can find you.

Step 11: Sidebar for Website

To customize your side bar, just hover over appearance and click on widgets and drag any widgets you want into the main side bar. Make sure you click save!

Step 12: Install Woocommerce

To create our affiliate marketing store and affiliate marketing products, we need to integrate woocommerce.

Step 13: Create Affiliate Products

To create affiliate marketing products for your partners, just hover over products and click on add new 🙂

Step 14: Woocommerce Sidebar

To customize your sidebar, it is the same as earlier. Just go to your wordpress dashboard

Make sure you click save when you put in your shop widgets.

Step 15: About Page

For the about page, we will import a template. Please watch the video to learn how to do this with the elementor page builder.

Step 16: Contact Page

For the about page, we will import a template. Please watch the video to learn how to do this with the elementor page builder.

Step 17: Header Menu

To update the header menu just go back to your wordpress dashboard, hover over appearance and click on menus.

Create a new menu

Add whatever pages you want.

Step 22: Responsive (if you didn’t do this as we built our website)

We have responsive templates for our entire wordpress affiliate marketing website but you can watch our video to learn how to make new sections for the website in order to make it responsive and mobile friendly.

Congrats you are done!