How to Make a Website with WordPress Step by Step For Beginners! – 2019

Wow, that was a long title! But this text tutorial is exactly what it says – its for anyone (for beginners or for advance wordpress users). If you want to learn how to make a wordpress website or just a website with wordpress, this video is going to show you how step by step.

This is a supplemental for the video we just uploaded on How to make a Website with WordPress for beginners 2019. In the video we cover everything from how to sign up for hosting and a domain, to how to install wordpress, and create and make all your pages for your website with wordpress.

The video tutorials we make always try to cover every single step in the most concise and clear way possible. The difference between our videos on how to make a website with wordpress for beginners compared to other videos on how to make a wordpress website step by step is that we not only show you how to make a professional website with wordpress but we also show you how to do everything and use the elementor pagebuilder so you can build any type of website that you want.

By the end of our videos, the goal is always for you to learn how to use wordpress and have the ability to learn how to build a website from scratch on your own.

So let’s not waste any more time talking and writing all this flub text for seo purposes which is what I just did…let’s learn how to make a website with wordpress for beginners step by step 2019 🙂

Requirements for this video tutorial to create a website with wordpress

  • You need some free time. I can’t promise you won’t get frustrated. But I can promise you, if you watch the video and follow the steps, you can make the same exact website with your own images.
  • You need to have an open mind. As I said, if its your first time with wordpress or watching my tutorials on how to build a website, we got a little fast to save you as much time as possible but we cover everything. The pause button is your friend.
  • And last but not least, you need to get hosting and a domain. Oh, and you need to have access to a computer, which I assume you do if you are watching our video tutorial on how to make a website with wordpress. 2019.

Step 1: Hosting and Domain

The first think we have to do to make our website is get hosting and also register a domain.

If you don’t know what hosting is, let me explain.

We are going to get hosting with a company named Hostgator. At least, that’s what we’re going to recommend. And just for disclosure purposes, Hostgator is currently an affiliate partner for NYC TECH CLUB now, which means they pay us a small commission if you use our coupon code or referral link – but this is no fee to you. Just a way for them to thank us for referring you to them.

For hosting, we are using Hostgator. You can click on any of these Hostgator links to bring you to the website.

Make sure you use the Hostgator coupon code “NYCTECH30” for ~65% off. This is one of the largest hostgator coupon codes available.

Our domain is our website address. So you want to make sure you get a unique one that works for you and for your website.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Once you get your hosting and domain with hostgator (don’t forget to use the coupon code NYCTECH30 for the largest discount code available with hostgator), now we have to install wordpress, the best content management system to build a wordpress website so we can start learning how to make our website.

To install wordpress, we need to go to our cpanel and click on install wordpress.

Now just fill out the information that you see in our video on how to create a wordpress website for beginners and wordpress should install 🙂 So easy, right?

Step 3: Install WordPress Theme

Now that we have WordPress installed, what we have to do is install our wordpress theme which is the template that is going to allow us to make our website.

So what I want you to do is going to your WordPress dashboard and hover over appearance and click on themes.

The theme that I want you to search for is the Airi theme.

Once you find it, go ahead and click install and then click activate.

Now we have the wordpress theme we need to make our website step by step. The best thing about the Airi theme by themes is that it is free and we don’t have to pay for any additional features in order to build our website for free 🙂

Now we can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Install WordPress Plugins

Now we need to install some wordpress plugins that will help us make our wordpress website step by step. Contrary to popular belief, plugins are not just for beginners but for everyone that make a wordpress website.

Plugins are tools that help you make your website.

There are going to be some recommended plugins that we can install including the elementor plugin which is the pagebuilder that plugin that we are going to use to learn how to create our website.

I also want you to install an additional plugin called the Really Simple SSL plugin so we can turn on our ssl certificate that hostgator provides to us for free.

The video shows you how to install plugins but if you need the steps just go to your WordPress dashboard and hover over plugins and click on add new.

Step 5: Demo Content for WordPress Website

If you have your own logo and images for your website then that is great! That’s actually what you want! But if you’re just starting out and you need some help with some demo content, we got you covered.

Click here to download a zip file with some demo images that will help you make your website with wordpress and help you follow this video step by step 🙂

Step 6: Create Homepage

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