In this video, we will show you how to make a website with a godaddy domain using wordpress and hostgator.

I’m excited about this tutorial! We are going to give you everything you need to learn how to make a wordpress website 2020 fast, easy and step by step.

This tutorial is a guide for the video you are watching. It has the steps for our video on learning how to make a website with wordpress but does not have every little detail.

The best thing to do is use this text tutorial on learning how to make a wordpress website in conjunction with the video while you build your own wordpress website. We will be providing images, and other files for you to use to make it easier for you to make a professional website with wordpress.

Our goal is to always give you the option to build a beautiful website but also give you the ability to learn how to use the resources and tools like wordpress and the elementor page builder so you can create anything you want.

Step 1: Domain With Godaddy + Hosting

In this step, we will learn how to register our domain (website address) and with Godaddy.

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Step 2: Install WordPress

We need to install wordpress, the content management system we are going to use to make our wordpress website.

Just go to the cpanel, click install wordpress and go through the steps.

Step 3: Clean Things up!

Just a little clean up!

Step 4: Install Theme

We are using the OCEAN WP theme for this tutorial. Watch the video to see what we do 

Step 5: Install Plugins

We really only need the Elementor Plugin and the WP forms plugin, but we will install all the recommended plugins. Also we should install the SSL certificate so we can secure your website.

Feel free to deactivate any plugins you do not want to use. 

Step 6: Create Pages

Create the homepage, about page, services page and blog page.

Step 7:

Step 7: Go through WordPress Settings

Site title

Set your homepage and blog page


All that good stuff!

This is where you can change your font styles, link colors and settings for your entire website. 

We can also make changes one by one as we make our pages, which is what we are going to show you how to do 

Step 8: Download Page Templates + Demo Content

This is a new thing I am doing for my tutorials to make your life easier. I am going to give you premade templates that you can customize and add and delete things from. 

Download Page Templates here

Demo Content

Step 9: Customize Your Website 

Now we will learn how to customize our website going through all the different elements. Then we will import the other page templates and you can do the same thing.

Step 10: Edit Text

Step 11: Edit Buttons

Step 12: Undo/Redo Steps

Step 13: Edit Images

Step 14: Rearrange Modules

Step 15: How to Delete Sections and Modules

Step 16: Spacing and Margin

Step 17: Edit Icon Boxes

Step 18: Add New Sections

Step 19: Create Footer (Save as template)

Step 20: Upload Other Page Templates

About Page

Services Page 

Contact Page

Step 21: Contact Form

Step 22: Create Header Menu

Step 23: Responsiveness

And You’re Done!!