This video tutorial will teach you how to make a parallax wordpress website for beginners for free.

In this video tutorial we will use the themify shoppe theme which is a premium theme that we can provide to you for free. This tutorial will cover everything you need to create a beautiful parallax wordpress website.

Please follow the steps one by one to create the same exact demo website that we show you how to make in the video tutorial.

Disclaimer: Any links to Godaddy, Hostgator, Themify and other companies are affiliate links as they are partners of NYC TECH CLUB. The companies pay us a small commission (no charge to you) for using our link or coupon code. Thank you for using the links.

Step 1: Domain and Hosting

The first thing we need to do to create our parallax wordpress website is to get a domain which is your website address and hosting which will store all of your content and run your website.

For your domain and hosting, I recommend you go to for both. You will get a free domain there and the hosting is cheap and one of the best I’ve used and also the run I always recommend to my audience.

Why Hostgator?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Web hosting
  3. Choose either the hatchling or the baby plan

The hatchling plan is for one website and one website only

The baby plan is for if you want to make more than one website and want to host them on the same account.

Search for a domain and then go through the process of signing up for hosting.

Use the coupon code “NYCTECHCLUB” or “NYCTECH30” to save up to 65% off. This is an affiliate coupon code and also one of the highest coupon codes available.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Now that we have our domain and hosting, we can install WordPress so we can build our wordpress website and make it a parallax website for free 🙂

What we need to do now is go to our control panel (cpanel)

Click on WordPress install

Fill out the information (blog title – you can change this later….username…name and email)

Then click install

Once your website installs wordpress, you are good to go 🙂 Now we can learn how to make a parallax wordpress website for free 2020!

Step 3: Delete Default Plugins

Please log into. your wordpress website so we can delete some plugins that we don’t need and that could be taking up memory space.

To login we can get the login information on the hosting website or you an go to your inbox to get the login information.

Whatever your website name is…type in

Then you can put in your username and password to login.

Now we can go and hover over plugins and clicked on installed plugins.

We can delete and deactivate most, if not all, of these plugins. You can see what we do on the video

Step 4: Install Theme

Now this is the fun part. We get to install the themify shoppe theme to build our parallax wordpress website.

This is a premium theme that we can provide to you for free.

Click on this link right here to download the zip file for the theme.

Step 5: Install Plugins

To add plugins for the online store that we are making, we can go to our wordpress dashboard and hover over plugins and click on add new

Here is a list of the plugins you should have installed –

We will go through the woocommerce settings in more detail later 

Step 6: WordPress Settings

To customize our wordpress settings, I want you to make two pages for the ecommerce website first.

Now we are done with this step learning how to set up our ecommerce website with wordpress. Let’s move on to the next step!

Step 7: Demo Content

If you need demo content, just click on this link right here for the zip file, or you should have this folder already if you downloaded the zip file for the theme.

You can also upload images as we go through making our pages and posts and products, so you don’t need to upload everything right now.


You also do not need to use the demo content if you have your own images! 

Step 8: Themify Settings

For the themify settings, these are the settings for our entire wordpress website.

To go to the themify settings just hover over themify and click on Themify Settings


Default Layouts

Default Archive Post Layout – I leave the default settings

Default Single Post Layout – I leave the default settings

Default Page Layout 

Theme Settings

Theme Appearance – Choose header design (left) and footer design (left logo)

Before footer text

Hide second footer text

Social Links – add your handles – we will have to go to the widgets and add the themify social links later to make them show up


That’s about it for the themify settings. Maybe we’ll come back here later and make some changes…you never know 

Step 9: Create Homepage

Now we are going to go back and customize the homepage for the online store or what I like to call the ecommerce website with wordpress that we are learning how to make.

To go back to your homepage, hover over pages on your wordpress dashboard and click all pages

Now find your ecommerce homepage and click edit

Now you should be back on the homepage edit page and we will go to the themify builder to build out our online store homepage.

First we can do some stuff in the page settings

Then go turn on the front end themify builder for the ecommerce website we are learning how to make for beginners

The rest is coming. It will be updated but the video tutorial should show you everything you need!