How to Install Google Analytics on Website

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand how traffic is coming to your website, how long people are on your site, and what pages people are visiting.

With Google Analytics you can learn more about your visitors and target specific keywords or phrases to drive even more traffic.

  • You’ll learn how your site ranks
  • You’ll see where in the world people are coming from
  • And whether people are coming back or hate your website (let’s hope this isn’t the case!)

So without further adieu, let’s show you how to install google analytics in this quick video!

Step 1: Get a Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics:

It’s just like signing up for any Google Account. Fill out some website information and you’re set.

Step 2: Get Tracking ID

Once you fill out your website information, just click Get Tracking ID and a new page will pop up with that information.

Step 3: Go to Your WordPress Dashboard

Log into your wordpress dashboard

Step 4: Download a Plugin and Install

Go to plugins > add new > and search for “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights”

  • The plugin we are going to download is Google Analytics by MonsterInsights (previously was Google Analytics by Yoast)
  • This plugin is super easy to use and allows us to install Google Analytics with one step

Step 5: Activate the Plugin and go to Settings

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, make sure you install and activate it.

  • The name of the plugin has changed!!!!!! See below
  • “GOOGLE ANALYTICS BY MONSTERINSIGHTS” is the name of the plugin now

The plugin will show up in your list of plugins. Go to Settings for Google Analytics by MonsterInsights (previously Yoast)

Step 6: Copy and Paste Tracking ID

Once you’ve gone to the settings page

  1. Click Manually Add Tracking ID
  2. Go to your Analytics Account page and copy the tracking ID
  3. Go back to the settings page and paste it in
  4. Click Save

Now you’ve installed Google Analytics on your website.

You can stop here…or you can keep going and finalize the process to learn even more about your traffic

Step 7: Verify Website with Webmaster Tools

Either go to Webmaster Tools (by google) or go to your analytics page and click on the following:

  1. Right side bar go to Acquisition
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Queries

This whole section tells you how people are finding your website and what pages they are going to. So we should get this up and running.

Click Set up Webmaster Tools Data Sharing

Click Enable Demographic and Interest Reports (as you scroll down the page)

Click Save (I forgot to mention this step in the video)!

Then at the Webmaster Tools Settings section click EDIT

Step 8: Add Your Site to Webmaster Tools and Verify

It’s as easy as just typing in your website domain address 🙂

Once you’ve added your domain and clicked continue, you’ll have to verify your website

The way to do this is by following one of the google methods

I suggest you go to “Alternative Methods”

And add HTML Tag (if you don’t have the same theme I use or access to header.php in your dashboard, follow one of the other simple methods)

  1. Copy the meta code
  2. Go to your wordpress dashboard > appearance > editor
  3. Find your header.php on the left hand side
  4. After the first <head> line paste in the code you copied
  5. Click save

Step 9: Final Step!

Now go back to your analytics dashboard

  1. Go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries
  2. And click Set up Webmaster Tools Data Sharing (again)
  3. Click the button for your website on the next page
  4. Click Save

And You’re done!

Now let your analytics populate as the days go on 🙂


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