Getting Started

Choose What Type of Website You Want to Create

There are so many types of websites you can create. Make sure you choose the one that is right for you!

Domain – depending on what service you use it can be free to 2.99 a year. I recommend Godaddy for $0.99 for your first domain.

Hosting – hosting is really the only cost you have to pay for in order to run your website.

Time – the best thing about doing things yourself, is you learn how to do tthings yourself. And you save a lot of money!

Extras? You might want to invest in a premium theme or some plugins but you don’t need to.

What's The Cost?

Choose the Right Tutorial

We have a bunch of tutorials. Maybe one of these will help you.

Logo design? Social media! Find and engage your audience! If you know how to use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you’re already in the game!

Work on Branding

Keep Going

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