The flatsome theme is one of the best wordpress themes for ecommerce websites available. A lot of people can tell you about a bunch of other themes but I really believe there are only a handful of wordpress ecommerce themes that are really the best. This is probably the best one.

In this tutorial, we are going to go over everything about the Flatsome theme so I guess you can say this is a Flatsome theme tutorial.

I have other video tutorials using the Flatsome theme that show you how to make an ecommerce website or online store but this is not going to be that type of video. Instead, we are going to show you how to use just about all the tools with the Flatsome theme so you can create and customize your own online store using the flatsome theme, or maybe update your website with more tools after you watch this flatsome theme tutorial.

So let’s get started.

The first thing I have to say, is that any link to the flatsome theme is an affiliate link. Its not charge to you and only helps support this channel because we get a little commission if you use our link to purchase the theme, so thank you in advance.

Part 1 (only if you need to): Get the Flatsome Theme

If you need the Flatsome theme, use this link to go to the theme forest website and get it.

After you purchase the Flatsome theme, come back to the flatsome theme tutorial and we will show you how to install it.

Now you have to make sure you have wordpress installed to use the flatsome theme. If you need help with that, let me know.

But once you get the theme, download the installable files (it should be a zip file).

Go back to your wordpress website dashboard, go and install the theme.

Once you do that, we’ll go through the set up options in the video on how to use the flatsome theme.

Part 2: Flatsome Theme Install Settings

Alright! We have the flatsome theme installed! Now let’s go through the set up wizard…why? Because everyone that installs the flatsome theme is going to go through this any way.

Remember, this isn’t a tutorial on how to use woocommerce, but we have videos on that too! But we do need to install the recommended plugins and everything so that our ecommerce website is up and running using the flatsome theme.