Our Newest Tutorial With WordPress + ASTRA Theme

It’s been awhile since we wrote some blog posts. I think we should bring them back. I haven’t had much to say so I haven’t written any. But they help keep people informed, and they’re fun to write. So let’s get to it. I’m going to assume you are all subscribed to the NYC TECH […]

New Blog Website Tutorial!

I just uploaded a new wordpress tutorial using the Redwood theme. It is a blog theme tutorial. So if you’re a writer, a photographer or a foodie or someone that wants a blog…even if you’re a businessman or woman…this might be the right tutorial for you. You have to purchase the Redwood theme since it […]

Our New Video Series on WordPress!

I don’t know if you saw but we have a new video series on How to Use WordPress for Beginners – 2018! Our WordPress tutorial for beginners. I wanted to try something a little different this time around and upload a few smaller videos instead of one large video tutorial so people wouldn’t feel overwhelmed […]