Blogging Tips All Bloggers Should Use

Writing an article (same as a blog post but sounds more professional) is easy. All you have to do is come up with content and type it up. But how you blog could be the difference between a visitor staying on your site and reading what you wrote or just bouncing (leaving) your site right […]


Driving traffic to your website does not happen overnight. But having a game plan is important. One of the best ways to drive traffic is to use content marketing. Of course, there are many different ways to drive traffic but content marketing is one of the ways you can sort of “cheat” the system. Of […]

How to Change Font on Your WordPress Website – Google Fonts

Today I’m going to answer the question of “how to change your font on your wordpress website”. This write up is primarily to support the Spacious Theme tutorial. I’m really big on the user experience and beautiful design. How your site looks to your visitor can make or break your site (by that I mean […]

5 Resources I ALWAYS Use For My Websites

Hello good looking people! (to be updated!) This is a quick post on some must have tools you should be using (or have) for your website(s). I take running a website pretty seriously because it is how I can grow my brand, share content and information, and earn money. The last thing I want to […]

HOSTGATOR Coupon Code 40-50% off!

To everyone associated with NYC TECH CLUB or looking for a hostgator coupon code – then I have some great news to share with you. Hostgator has reached out to me and told me they have increased the nyctech30 coupon code discount from 30% off to 40-50% off depending on the service you select. Our […]

5 Tips To Grow Your Audience

Here are some quick tips on things you should focus on with your website from Day 1 to build a successful online business. Collect Emails Emails are better than Facebook likes and follows. Having the ability to follow up and get in touch with people through email is very powerful. However, if you just spam […]

How to Install Google Analytics on Website

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand how traffic is coming to your website, how long people are on your site, and what pages people are visiting. With Google Analytics you can learn more about your visitors and target specific keywords or phrases to drive even more traffic. You’ll learn how your site ranks […]

Using WordPress to Make Your Website

If you’re considering building website, you have a lot of options and tools available to you now. Out of all the options though, my favorite is still wordpress because of the support and community available to you. There are so many themes and plugins that are developed specifically for wordpress that no other website platform […]

How to Make Money On Your Website

This week (March 9th) I’ll be writing about the different ways for you to make money online and through your website. If you don’t know, I have multiple websites (and a full time job as a finance professional so I’m not just an internet bum) that have made money through a number of ways. I’ll […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

As some of you know – I created a passive income site about 2 years ago that now averages about 10-12k unique visitors a month. And many of you know I had no clue what I was doing when I started. But I’ve sort of become a test case for what works and what doesn’t […]