Happy New Year!

The sites been a bit stale but we’re still coding! The work never stops.

And so there were 2 or 4…

Our good friend George, creator of Count 1-5 has moved to Melbourne. Hopefully he will be able to continue to code across the country and share what he has done with us. All the best George! NYCTechClub

Please check back soon!

The website is going through a complete overhaul as we begin to create the NYC Tech Club. As time goes on the Club will evolve. If you would like to collaborate with fellow tech entrepreneurs that exchange ideas and help one another create apps, websites and all things tech, please check out our Events page.

The Club!

Yes! finally. I’ve gotten around to building the one man tech club, also known as…(wait for it!) the NYC Tech Club. Before I get ahead of myself, let me do a quick little introduction. My name is Jameson and I’m fascinated with tech. Software, hardware, currency, ideas…you name it.