Blogging Tips All Bloggers Should Use

Writing an article (same as a blog post but sounds more professional) is easy. All you have to do is come up with content and type it up. But how you blog could be the difference between a visitor staying on your site and reading what you wrote or just bouncing (leaving) your site right […]

How to Embed a Youtube Video on WordPress

Hey all you tech geeks! I just posted a video with step by step advice on how to put a youtube video on your website so it plays on the page itself. It’s very simple.

Content is KING

Blogging has been around for what…two decades now? I remember when I used to have a livejournal account and blogged with the likes of Rybread and Abbycrombie. But now, blogging has become a way for a company to talk about its brand and its products and services. However, I think too many corporate blogs got […]