Things I Love Today. Just Today.

Let’s talk about a few things that I’m am digging in tech right now. Nothing super fancy but both are super useful. At least right now.

Things I Think About

Edtech. Academics. Unemployment rates. Virtual reality. Encryption technology (super high level). Oh and working out because every geek has to look good.

Some Quick Thoughts on Payments

I wrote this up for a little thingamajig I was doing… thought I’d share. It’s not the sexiest industry but it’s probably one of the most important. PAYMENTS.

What In the Tech?

Wow I think I just came up with a new blog segment I’m going to call What In The Tech?? What In The Tech are you working on?? My time is dedicated to an edtech start-up that I’m very excited about. I don’t like to jump onto themes or ideas that are hot but rather […]

The Club!

Yes! finally. I’ve gotten around to building the one man tech club, also known as…(wait for it!) the NYC Tech Club. Before I get ahead of myself, let me do a quick little introduction. My name is Jameson and I’m fascinated with tech. Software, hardware, currency, ideas…you name it.