How to Make Money On Your Website

This week (March 9th) I’ll be writing about the different ways for you to make money online and through your website. If you don’t know, I have multiple websites (and a full time job as a finance professional so I’m not just an internet bum) that have made money through a number of ways. I’ll […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

As some of you know – I created a passive income site about 2 years ago that now averages about 10-12k unique visitors a month. And many of you know I had no clue what I was doing when I started. But I’ve sort of become a test case for what works and what doesn’t […]

Breaking It Down – How to build a website

I’ve been busy working on a tutorial on how to build a website that I’m very excited to share with the world (yes the world). I plan to put up a youtube tutorial (probably more than one) along with text tutorials for different solutions to building a website. But today I want to briefly talk […]

Content is KING

Blogging has been around for what…two decades now? I remember when I used to have a livejournal account and blogged with the likes of Rybread and Abbycrombie. But now, blogging has become a way for a company to talk about its brand and its products and services. However, I think too many corporate blogs got […]

Life in 2015

We’re a month into 2015 and things are going great. First, to everyone using the hostgator discount code to build a wordpress website – thank you! If you have any questions – ask. I’ve been using hostgator and wordpress for about 3 or 4 years now and although I’m not super tech savvy, I know […]

Back At It!

After a little break to relaunch a website and put up content I’ve dusted off the ole Objective-C book and opened Xcode. We’re back to learning how to code! I’m really happy to hear my friend Venkat has been running with developing iOS apps. Hopefully George is doing the same. I’m excited to see how […]

And so there were 2 or 4…

Our good friend George, creator of Count 1-5 has moved to Melbourne. Hopefully he will be able to continue to code across the country and share what he has done with us. All the best George! NYCTechClub

Work Session

The NYC Tech Club is meeting tonight at 87th and 3rd for a coding session. Why party when you can code? For more details please see our Events page.

Please check back soon!

The website is going through a complete overhaul as we begin to create the NYC Tech Club. As time goes on the Club will evolve. If you would like to collaborate with fellow tech entrepreneurs that exchange ideas and help one another create apps, websites and all things tech, please check out our Events page.