In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to make a landing page website with wordpress 2020. 

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one page website with formation about a product, your service, or an app. The landing page can also be used to provide information and have an optin form of some type. So we’re going to show you a few options for a landing page website and then you can learn how to customize and create it however you want.

What You Need to Complete This Landing Page Website Tutorial

A domain is your website address. And hosting allows you to run your website and store all of your content. We need both in order to run a website.

We’re going to go to a website called Hostgator to get our domain and hosting. It is the place I’ve recommended all my viewers and clients to go to get their hosting and domain, and I’ve used them since I started my career. 

Hostgator is…

Step 1: Get Hosting and Domain

The first thing we need to do is get a domain, which is our web address. And then we need to get hosting, which allows us to run our website.

Go to Hostgator to get both your domain and hosting for your landing page website.


Disclaimer: This is an affiliate coupon code. Hostgator pays us a fee if you use it and that helps us continue to make videos like this. Thank you!

You can decide whether the baby plan or the hatchling plan is best for you. The baby plan is all you need if you are building one website. 

Step 2: Install WordPress

Now that you’ve gotten your domain and hosting for your website landing page, we need to install wordpress so we can actually create the website landing page.

Step 3: Clean Up the Website

Let’s delete all the unnecessary stuff that WordPress installs so we can start with a clean slate.

Please watch the video to see what we do!

Step 4: Install Theme

The theme that we will be installing is the Ocean WP theme.

Go to your wordpress dashboard

Hover over appearance and click on themes

Click on add new

Search for the OCEAN WP theme

Click install and activate

Step 5: Install Plugins

Now we need to install the recommended plugins. Go ahead and do that just like we do in the video for the landing page website we are learning how to make with wordpress

Step 6: Elementor Pro

For this tutorial, we use the elementor pro so if you want to use that too. Use this link to go to the elementor website.

It is an affiliate link, so we appreciate the love. Elementor will give us a fee if you use our link.

Step 7: Create Homepage

Now let’s create our homepage for the landing page.

Hover over pages and click on add new

Title the page Home

Click publish (twice)

Step 8: Settings

Lets fix our URL and the permalinks before we go and install the wordpress theme that we are going to use to build our website landing page.

Step 9: Demo Content

Click here to download the demo content for this landing page website tutorial with wordpress

Step 10: Build Landing Page

The tutorial goes through all the steps. I will link you to the video here in a day. But for now, please watch the video.

I will put the steps here as well.

Step 10: Make Your Website Responsive

Congrats! You’re all done!