This is a work in progress but this is a new tutorial we are currently recording.

Step #1: Domain and Hosting

The first thing we have to do is get a domain and hosting for the wordpress website that we are learning how to make. The place I recommend for your domain and hosting is Hostgator.

Full Disclosure: Hostgator is an affiliate with NYC TECH CLUB and provides us a commission if you use our link.

I’ve been using Hostgator for years. And I’ve been recommending them for just as long.

The greatest part of about getting your hosting from hostgator for your ecommerce website is that you get a free domain. So make sure you go to Hostgator but any other hosting also works. Just don’t get upset at me if when it doesn’t!

Step #2: Install WordPress

Once have our ecommerce website domain and hosting, lets go and install wordpress so we can learn how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress for free.

You need to go to your cpanel and click on the quick install button to install wordpress for the online store we are learning to make.

Once you click to install wordpress, make sure you follow the guide in the video tutorial on how to build an ecommerce website with wordpress 2020.

Step #3: Log In

Now you can log into your wordpress website using your login information. Once you login, this is your wordpress dashboard and where we will be going to customize and create an ecommerce wordpress website in this video.

Step #4: Install Theme

This tutorial will use the Ocean WP Theme. To install it, we need to go to >

Now you can go and check out your ecommerce website we are learning how to make.

Step #5: Install Plugins

We will list out all the plugins we need here. And some of them will include setting up Woocommerce which is the next step.

Step #6: Settings

In this section we will cover the wordpress settings for our website such as our permalink structure and the SSL certificate. If we don’t get to everything, we can always come back!

Step #7: Demo Content

Now what I want you to do is download the demo content for this tutorial on how to make an ecommerce website with wordpress.

Click here to download the zip file with the demo content for this online store.

Now lets go and upload all of this by going to the wordpress dashboard and hovering over media and clicking add new

Upload all the content from the zip file

Now we are good to go!

Step #8: Create Single Products

We will update this as we go. Hi if you are seeing this on the video. We haven’t written out the entire text tutorial yet 🙂