There’s A Reason Why Your Website Might Suck.

I’ve created thousands of websites and have seen even more during my time running NYC TECH CLUB.

I don’t like to share my secrets often, because my competitors copy me a lot. But I think its great that they look up to me and want to follow the leader. And since they suck at making website tutorials, maybe this will help them as much as it will help you figure out why your website sucks.

I’m not being mean. I’m just being real.

Today, what I want to do is tell you the top 5 reasons why your website sucks and no one wants to visit it.

#1: Your content is out dated.

I see this happen too often. A website gets created by a developer or a business owner or even an individual and once the content is up, its up forever. Nothing ever changes.

If your website and your content aren’t evolving, why are people going to want to come to your site?

Websites need to look good. They need to be designed with thought. The content needs to be up to date with what your visitors are there for. Make sure you’re not only updating your website, but updating your old content so links and information stay pertinent. 

#2: You have terrible images.

If you use stock photos, just delete your website please.

I’m so baffled by why medical professionals and corporate businesses think its a good idea to use stock photos for their websites. If your web developer suggested that you use stock photos for your website, fire them and hire NYC TECH CLUB. We’ll come take REAL photos of your business so your customers know how great you really are.

Its 2019. Its time to start showing the real you and your real business. No one wants to see photos of your office or of you that are blurry and scanned from a scanner. You probably have a great business. You’re probably really qualified at what you do. But if you have outdated photos or stock photos, there’s a chance you’re leaving a lot of business on the table to a competitor that realizes that the quality of the images used for their website is important

#3: Your site is hard to navigate.

Design is everything. If your site is sloppy or you don’t have proper links to easily bring people to where they need too be, they will get frustrated and leave.

User experience is everything. Make sure your visitors have an easy time looking at your website and seeing what they came for.

Consider the font sizes, the colors, the links, the titles and the text you use throughout your site. 

#4: Your site isn’t responsive.

People spend so much time on their mobile phone and tablet device. I’d tell you how much time they spent on their phones vs. their computers if I knew, but I don’t :). I just know this is true.

But if your site isn’t responsive or easily viewable on a mobile device, your visitors won’t be spending much time on your site. 

A website doesn’t just need to load on a computer or pc any more. You need to make sure that your website is responsive and looks professional and properly designed for all types of devices. No one wants to zoom in and out, scroll left and right, on their phone to see the information on your website. 

#5: You’re unrelatable.

We share more than ever nowadays. We instagram. We tweet. We write on our Facebook walls. You can google people. You can see what people are up to. You can see where people work on LinkedIn.

If you’re hiding your true self and your personality, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Being professional is great but don’t be someone that can’t connect with their clients or audience. Be willing to show some humility and get personal. People like that. People want that personal touch. That connection that makes them want to like and trust you.

My Final Words (for now)

Do yourself a favor and take an honest look at your website. Figure out if you need to make some updates or changes to your website. Ask yourself a few questions –

Does your site have a personal touch that makes you stand out? Do people get a real sense of what you and your business are about or are you just another business that doesn’t really look like they care about building a long-term relationship with their customers?

If you think your website needs some work, check out NYC TECH CLUB for some more helpful tips and tutorials to help you out.

If you need help with branding or reaching out to engage your audience, check out our resources including my personal website where we focus on a range of topics including working on networking, branding and influence.