Today’s lesson is going to teach you how to make a wordpress website really quickly using a page builder with preset templates. From there you can edit the layouts and change the content and images however you want.

What do you need?

Is it going to be hard?

Must Haves

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Full Discloser: Hostgator and our other affiliates pays us a commission if you use our link or coupon code. No charge to you, so thanks in advance.

So let’s just get into this quick tutorial on learning how to make a wordpress website.

Step 1: Get Hosting and Domain

This is going to be easy and you’re going to save a lot of money following this tutorial.

We’ll be getting our Domain and Hosting from Inmotion.

You need a domain for your web address and you need hosting to run your website. These are must haves.

Free domain at Inmotion – this link has a special discount for hosting 55%+ off

Why I am recommending Inmotion?

They’re safe, fast, and reliable. They provide you with the security you need while also being one of the fastest hosting companies around. This means your website is going to load quicker and your visitors aren’t going to leave because they had to wait too long for your page to load.

So click on this link to bring you to the special Inmotion webpage

We will walk you through everything to get your domain, hosting and automatically install WordPress in our video tutorial

Step 2: Install WordPress Theme

The theme that we’re going to use is OceanWP

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Hover over Appearance
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Click Add Themes
  5. Search for OceanWP
  6. Click Install and Activate

Step 3: Install and Activate WordPress Plugins

The two plugins that we need for this tutorial are the OceanWP extras and the Elementor Page Builder

  1. To Add Plugins
  2. Hover over plugins on the left hand side of the WordPress dashboard
  3. Click Add new
  4. Search for the plugins you want
  5. Click Install and Activate

Step 4: Create Pages

Let’s create a few pages really quickly…you can always make these one by one as you make your wordpress website

  1. Go to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Hover over pages
  3. Click Add new
  4. Title the page
  5. Down at the bottom you can select options for your page
  6. To edit each page click on edit with elementor
  7. Click publish to save the website before you edit

Step 5: Customize Settings

Before we start making our wordpress website. I just want to change a few of the setting options because I want you to have a professional website. We’ll cover this section really quickly.

  1. Go to your dashboard > hover over settings > click on > reading
  2. Select front page (home) and blog page (blog)
  3. Now go to the permalinks
  4. Select post name and click save
  5. Now go back to your settings and click on general
  6. Add www. to the web address
  7. Click save each time

Step 5: Create Header Menu

Let’s add our menu really quickly by going to the customizer

You can also edit the menu by going to your wordpress dashboard and hovering over appearance and click on menu

  1. Create a new menu
  2. Title it
  3. Save it
  4. Add whatever you want to it

Step 6: Customize Webpages

Now let’s go back to our pages and customize them by showing you how to use the elementor page builder and the premade templates, blocks and everything else!

Step 7: Create Blog Posts

Really quickly, I want to show you how to make a blog post incase you want to have them. But again, this is a quick tutorial and we will cover how to use wordpress in another video.

Step 8: Congratulations 🙂

Just publish your website if it isn’t already and you are good to go!

Quick and easy and a Free domain to learn how to make your wordpress website! Just how I like it! I hope you enjoyed!