Want to learn how to make money on your WordPress website in 2018? The easiest way is to put ads on your website. So let’s learn how!

We’ll be using Google adsense for this tutorial. So if you want to have ads on your wordpress website, follow this video tutorial and I’ll show you how!

Step 1: Create an Account with Google Adsense

Do you have an account with google adsense? If not, go to adsense.google.com to create one or google.com/adsense

Once you do that, log in and we can move on to step number 2!

Step 2: Create Ad for WordPress Website

Once you’re logged into your Google Adsense account, you’ll be on your Dashboard.

  1. Go to My Ads
  2. Add a new ad
  3. Select Text and Display ads
  4. Name your ad whatever you want
  5. Choose your display color options for the google adsense ads
  6. Click save and get code
  7. Copy the code

Step 3: Add Adsense Code to WordPress Website

I’ll show you how to add ads to your sidebar

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Hover over appearance > click on widgets
  3. Add a text block
  4. Paste in the code
  5. Click save

Now if you go to your wordpress website, you should see a box for an ad for your website.

Please note that it takes time for google to crawl your site to see what relevant ads should be added. So the box may be blank for a bit. Maybe a day or so.

Also don’t click on the ad to try to fool google adsense to make money on your website. Google is too smart and will know you are trying to trick it and you might get banned from making money with google adsense for your wordpress website.

Thanks for following this tutorial on learning how to add ads to your website for wordpress!