Want to learn how to add a white board to your wordpress website??

If you have the slider revolution plugin or want to get it, you can get it here! If you have an older version of the slider revolution and need to add the white board add-on, this post/tutorial will show you how.

I’m assuming you already know how to use the basics of the slider revolution. If not, please check out this awesome slider revolution tutorial I put together 🙂

*Get the Slider Revolution Plugin Here*

How to Get the White Board Add-on for the Slider Revolution

  1. The first thing you need to do after you activate your slider revolution plugin is make sure it is up to date.
  2. Once you do that, you can go to your WP Dashboard > Slider Revolution > hover over it and click on Add on
  3. Click on the refresh button to see if there are any new add-ons for your slider revolution
  4. If you have not installed the White Board Add on yet…click to install it!
  5. Done!

How to Use the White Board Add-on For the Slider Revolution

This is a brand new add-on and I’m super excited to show you how to use it. These new features are just another reason why the slider revolution is AWESOME.

  1. Create a new slider by going to your slider revolution dashboard
  2. Click add new slider
  3. Go through the settings > select slider size and all that fun stuff
  4. MUST DO!! You must go to the right hand side into the tabs and ENABLE the White Board!
  5. Choose whether you want a hand or a hand/pen to write and draw or add your own custom source
  6. Once you’re ready > Click Save Settings to go to the slide editor
  7. You must click save! Always click save. Click save a lot while creating slider!

Now onto the whiteboards!

You can create as many slider pages as you want for your white boards – you’ll just have to go through the same steps each time

Download Demo Files for Video Tutorial

*Demo files for demo purposes only!*
  1. Click to add a new slider (if you aren’t on the first slider)
  2. Choose solid color for the main background
  3. Select white if you want a white background, or any other color you want (it doesn’t actually have to be white just because its a white board!)
  4. Choose any settings you want (slide animation and what not)
  5. Now go down to the main background area that is white

NYC TECH CLUB TIP: If you have one header or a button or whatever that is going to show up on every page…just go to the Global Settings slider and put it there so it shows up on every slide 🙂 !!

  1. Add a text layer if you want to write something
  2. Change the font to “Gloria Hallelujah” or “Permanent market -> if you want. These font looks like a writing fonts
  3. Change the animation to fade in and fade out
  4. Also in the animation tab…if you are writing font, you want to change it to char based in the drop down (watch the video for help with this)
  5. To get the white board to work, you must select the layer and go to the add-on tab above the background image and select white board
  6. Make the changes you want to make including whether you want the writing hand or pen to disappear or go to the next layer
  7. You can add drawings also. This is just another layer -> go to objects
  8. Go through the process of enabling the add-on white board
  9. Again make changes on the white board section (using the hand to write or draw, etc)
  10. After you’ve added all your layers and enabled the white board section, you must remember to time the animations accordingly in the timing section for each layer (below the background image)
  11. Once you’re done, press save

Repeat the process to create additional slider pages

NYC TECH CLUB TIP: Add audio to your white board slider by just adding a new layer > audio > and you can modify settings in the pop up. Make sure to also time it according to your animations.

I want to add some quick simple tips to adding a white board to your wordpress website using the slider revolution plugin to give it that extra pop.

This is a powerful plugin and add-ons like this are super awesome. So if you want to learn how to create a white board for your wordpress website – you can do this and more, using the slider revolution plugin for wordpress.