Using a Child Theme for SYDNEY THEME (Footer Modification)

Additional Steps for your Sydney Theme website IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR COPYRIGHT IN YOUR FOOTER STAYS CUSTOMIZED FOREVER This is a quick write up on adding a child theme to your SYDNEY theme wordpress website (only if you used the Sydney theme tutorial). The reason why you MIGHT want to have a […]

How to Translate Your WordPress Website Using the Polylang Plugin

There are a variety of WordPress plugins that you can use to translate your website (some better than others). Today we are going over the FREE translator plugin called Polylang. I really like the WPML plugin but it is a premium plugin that cost money. It’s great because it’s seamless and takes very little effort. […]

I bought an electric skateboard

It doesn’t come until March 2016 since it’s still in development but this seemed like the right site to mention it. I’m guessing this will be a hot 2016 Christmas gift. I’ll do a review on it when I get it. Don’t think of it as a skateboard. Think of it as a short-route transportation […]