Writing an article (same as a blog post but sounds more professional) is easy. All you have to do is come up with content and type it up.

But how you blog could be the difference between a visitor staying on your site and reading what you wrote or just bouncing (leaving) your site right away.

If you’re going to write a blog, you want to make sure you write it in a way that keeps your visitors attention. So how do we do that?

Today, I’m going to give you my tips to blogging.

But before I do, let me tell you why you should listen to me 🙂

  1. I love blogging (but it takes a lot of work, really. Good content is not easy, bad content is)
  2. I read a lot of popular blogs and actually analyze what makes them work
  3. I have over 12k (or 15k, I don’t check anymore) visitors a month coming to one site that is ONLY written content with a low bounce rate
  4. My sites and pages rank on google. And not on page 2 or 3, but page 1.
  5. I don’t do any of that crazy nonsense that people try to sell you on. I just do what I know works. So if you want to learn some SEO strategies…keep reading.

Okay enough about that, let’s get to the tips that you NEED to incorporate into your blog posts (or at least consider).

Tip #1: Break Things Up

Tip #2: Write for the normal person

Tip #3: Formatting Matters

Tip #4: Content is ALWAYS King

Tip #5: Let Your Personality Shine!

Tip #6: Images Can Only Help

Okay, that’s it for now. Things I didn’t go over: linking, keywords, and words you should be using in your blog post. Until next time 🙂

Happy blogging.