Today I’m going to answer the question of “how to change your font on your wordpress website”. This write up is primarily to support the Spacious Theme tutorial.

I’m really big on the user experience and beautiful design. How your site looks to your visitor can make or break your site (by that I mean if your site is ugly on the eyes, your visitors will not stay on your site no matter how good your content is).

Sometimes all it takes to go from an ugly website to a super professional/beautiful website is a small change. Personally, I think spacing, font style, formatting and image selection are key to building a beautiful website. So today we are going to talk about how to use the Google Fonts plugin to change the format and style of your font.

Rather than explain to you the science behind font styles and why it is important, I’m just going to tell you how to use the Google Fonts plugin so you can select whatever font and formatting you want and then link you to a website that does a great job of helping you select the right font.

Step by Step Instructions to Use Google Fonts

Step 1: Log Into WordPress Website
Step 2: Add / Install Google Fonts Plugin
Step 3: Go to Appearance > Customize  > Typography and -> Adjust your font
Step 4: Click Save and Enjoy 🙂

Make sure you modify all your different font categories like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 and paragraph since they’re all different (H1 is the largest font, paragraph is the body font).

Here is the link for spacing and font selection – typography. Here’s a supporting document that also might help you.

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