We have 400+ members of the NYC Tech Club.

I started this as a one man tech club. And youtube has helped me grow the club quicker than I ever thought possible. Just look at the stats as I write this post.

And we’re just getting started!

Here is my promise to you.

Let’s try to get to 1,000 subscribers shall we? If you want to continue to help grow the community, I only ask you to do one thing – spread the word! Share this link with others – NYC TECH CLUB YouTube Channel



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  1. I have looked at your Youtube video and the instaructions dont match my WordPress installation. The types plugin doesnt have the import/export

  2. Problems importing sydney XML file to WP. Useing WP v. 4.3.1
    An error says:
    Sorry, there has been an error.
    This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number.

    What to do????

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