How to Use MailChimp

I use mailchimp to create my email lists. I also recommend mailchimp as one of the services to collect emails when people sign up to subscribe on your site. There are other options I hear that are good – including aweber. I don’t know enough about them┬áso until I do, I’ll stick with mailchimp. In […]


We have 400+ members of the NYC Tech Club. I started this as a one man tech club. And youtube has helped me grow the club quicker than I ever thought possible. Just look at the stats as I write this post. 410 subscribers (members of the club!) 21,398 views Hundreds of thumbs ups Over […]

How to Install Google Analytics on Website

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand how traffic is coming to your website, how long people are on your site, and what pages people are visiting. With Google Analytics you can learn more about your visitors and target specific keywords or phrases to drive even more traffic. You’ll learn how your site ranks […]