I’ve been busy working on a tutorial on how to build a website that I’m very excited to share with the world (yes the world).

I plan to put up a youtube tutorial (probably more than one) along with text tutorials for different solutions to building a website.

But today I want to briefly talk about problem solving.

As I wrote my tutorial out today – it took me about 4000 words or so. That might not seem like much since it’s just a number – but trust me it is! But the truth is, I was overwhelmed before I started (and I’m still not done).

Why was I overwhelmed? Because I thought about all the work writing such a tutorial was going to take and I dreaded it. Luckily, I look back on my past experiences of how I learned how to code and jump rope (yes, jump rope! – I box, I have to know how to jump rope!) and how when I tried to learn it all, all at once….it was impossible.

But when I break it down into smaller pieces. And I just try to solve small parts of the bigger problem piece by piece – I get it done. The same with this tutorial.

So with that said. If you are afraid to start something because of all the hard work it’s going to take. Try to stay calm and break it down into smaller pieces. You don’t need to accomplish everything in one sitting. I like to actually take breaks every 15-30 minutes so I stay fresh and don’t get bored.

If you need more help or encouragement I’m here for you! I want the world to become tech savvy, especially you!


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  1. hey, nice tutorial!

    one question.. I have my domain in godaddy and I am working with wordpress.. I just developed my website and I want to publish it (go online), how can i do it?


    1. Hey Alejandro! I just noticed my new tutorial I’m writing doesn’t have allow for comments. I’ll fix that. And I’ll be adding some videos and images. You literally read it right when I published it.

      Now to your question. Can you provide me with some additional details so I understand what you are asking better? Here is my understanding.

      – You registered a domain.
      – You are using wordpress to build your website? Or are you just using wordpress for a blog?
      – Did you build your site on a localhost? If so Godaddy support can help you migrate it over instead of you having to move a bunch of files and folders in your ftp.
      – Are you using hostgator for your hosting?


  2. i have been tring to make a website on tour and tourism after seeing your videos of making website was such easy but now i am struck i have got the theme Cousteau and its really going hard .. hope u help me out with this theme demo thanks

  3. When I hovered over the type in the Sydney theme there wasn’t an option to import there so I couldn’t proceed further with the tutorial because I couldn’t import your files.

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