Blogging has been around for what…two decades now? I remember when I used to have a livejournal account and blogged with the likes of Rybread and Abbycrombie. But now, blogging has become a way for a company to talk about its brand and its products and services. However, I think too many corporate blogs got it all wrong.

A blog isn’t just a blog.

A blog is the opportunity to connect with your customer/traffic. It’s the ability to give them real value for free so they keep coming back and eventually purchase something. But too many corporations just blog to blog.

Have you ever read a really boring book? Have you ever finished it? And if you did finish it, did you ever recommend it to anyone else or go back and re-read it?

Me neither.

So why do corporations think that they can just blog nonsense and think their customers will appreciate it?

Marketing managers really need to step up their game.

I don’t know many colleges or universities that you can get an education on how to blog. Usually a really good blogger writes because they want to write and share something. Unfortunately, corporate bloggers seem to get paid to throw shit on the wall. And that just doesn’t cut it.

Content is king. Whether you want to believe it or not.

If your content sucks, say bye bye to your traffic.

If your content is great, keep it up and see the dollars roll in or the traffic increase.

I am more likely to share a site or an article of really high quality and value than I am a piece of shit article.

Spend time to write something really good rather than just post something that you will regret.

Next time we’ll talk about color/design and why they are the next most important thing to content.

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