I recently learned something I’d like to share with everyone – Apple refurbished products.

Ever wonder what happens when a customer gets a replacement laptop or iPad in exchange for one that is under warranty from Apple? I always thought they just used the parts or threw them away…until recently.

I don’t know how I heard about Apple refurbished products but it’s pretty awesome. Essentially Apple takes the device (whatever it is, iMac, macbook pro, iPad) and replaces the entire outer shell and puts in a new battery. Then they tag on a 1 year warranty and sell these products at 10-15% less than a completely new one would cost.

Not only do these products look new, but they are inspected to ensure all their parts are functioning and working…did I mention a 1 year warranty? So it’s essentially brand new!

The iPad min 2 with wifis are HOT. Once they are in stock, they get sold just like that. I finally got a 32gb one that was made in October 2013. It’s in the mail as I type this.

If you’re in the market for an Apple product, I invite you to consider a refurbished product. Although my Macbook Pro was purchased new…now that I know about refurbished products I may never buy new again.

Here’s the link – http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/mac

Happy shopping!

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