Let’s talk about a few things that I’m am digging in tech right now. Nothing super fancy but both are super useful. At least right now.

Grubhub / Seamlessweb.

I remember using this during my Goldman days. It was fantastic but somehow they need to improve the delivery status. That isn’t very automated or tech so you’ll get a call from a delivery guy saying your order is ready for pick up when it’s not even close.

Now this could use a location based app like Uber to see where your food is! Maybe they have it now? Let me know!


This is a fantastic site. Not because it’s anything spectacular but the only time I want to make appointments is when I’m at work…you know so I can take a break from work.  But! What’s the problem with making doctor’s appointments at work? Well, if you’re like me, you sit in an open space. This means everyone can hear your conversations. The last thing I want is to explain the reason why I need to make an appointment over the phone while everyone else listens.

With Zoc Doc, you can pretend to do work on the computer and make a doctors appointment without ever saying a word (or make appointments any hour of the day). My only concern is the review system isn’t super legit. It’s better than Yelp since only people that see the doctor can review but in general review systems are still flawed.

Now if only there was something for haircuts. 

That’s it my friends.

But I am watching the Final Four NCAA basketball tournament right now and I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on Mark Cuban’s view that technology takes away from the fan experience. Thoughts?

Full disclosure: ZocDoc interviewed me for a job a year or two back and invited me to continue to interview. I declined to move forward in the process. But they have a great product!

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