Wow I think I just came up with a new blog segment I’m going to call What In The Tech??

What In The Tech are you working on??

My time is dedicated to an edtech start-up that I’m very excited about. I don’t like to jump onto themes or ideas that are hot but rather something I feel personally invested in and could have used myself. This start-up is something really close to the heart and I can’t wait to see if it has legs.

The reception of our idea has been great but I don’t think everyone sees it the way my co-founder and I do. As we’ve worked on this for several months now, we go through iterations of the site, the idea and the overall strategy. We definitely have a goal in mind and an idea for execution. But there’s only so much thinking and talking you can do until you have to find out the truth. And the only way to find out if this is a successful edtech idea that can change the lives of many is by giving access to everyone else.
I’ll stop being vague now and I hope to share the URL soon.

What In The Tech happened at the TC pitch off?

I go techcrunch pretty much every 3 hours. And recently they had a TC Meet-up/Pitch Off in NYC. And seriously, what in the tech??

Ok I get everyone wants to create something special but we really need to work on our pitches! Get it together guys!

What In The Tech is going on with location based messaging apps?

Is everyone jumping on to this trend thinking they got the next hot idea? Is there really anything left to do with messaging apps?
I’m not a fan of many of the apps I’m seeing right now. I think a lot of them will end up just being a fad that just annoys people. I do like Snapchat, Cyberdust and Kik.

For full disclosure I don’t have Whatsapp.

What In The Tech is up with Coin?

I feel like 2013 was the introduction of Coin…was it? Will it really be that great? The only reason I ask is because I’m a bigger fan of electronic payments like mobile yea.

Plus what if I ever got a black Amex card? Am I really not suppose to use that? Come on bro! I still use my 2008 Starbucks Goldcard just because!

What In The Tech happened with 3-D movies and televisions?

3-D printing seems cool.

What In The Tech happened to the value of bitcoin?

After I buy some. Thanks Government!

Ok I gotta go do some xcode now, so see ya later.

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