Yes! finally. I’ve gotten around to building the one man tech club, also known as…(wait for it!) the NYC Tech Club.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me do a quick little introduction. My name is Jameson and I’m fascinated with tech. Software, hardware, currency, ideas…you name it. My love for tech wasn’t always real but it started at a young age and disappeared for a number of years. In the 2007 timeframe the tech bug started stirring and in 2012 I jumped in head first. So here we are today.

I’m hoping the one man club won’t be a one man club forever. I’m not trying to compete and become some global tech club. All I want is for people that are interested in tech to come together and share ideas and have conversations. You can even tell me how dumb my views are or how stupid my ideas are. Everyone can be a tech fanatic and a critic. Everyone is allowed (for now)…until the spammers come.

I know this post is much about nothing but it’s a milestone within itself. I’ve been trying to write the perfect first post for awhile but I don’t think there will ever be one. So I’m just going to through this up. But before I go…

Welcome to NYC Tech Club! I hope you’ll stay for awhile.

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