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How to Connect Website Domain Email to Gmail :)

Hey folks! It's Jameson and I'm back at it with another super easy to follow tutorial. We're keeping with the same theme we've been on for the past week: EMAIL! So, a lot of you probably have an email with your web domain. If not, I have a quick video that I'll link you to, [...]

How to Use Aweber Tutorial

This is a full tutorial on how to use Aweber to create email lists, send emails and newsletters. The first step is to create an Aweber account. If you already have an account - great! But if you don't, follow this link to sign up. Aweber is free for the first 30 days so you [...]

How to Use White Board Add-On – Slider Revolution

Want to learn how to add a white board to your wordpress website?? If you have the slider revolution plugin or want to get it, you can get it here! If you have an older version of the slider revolution and need to add the white board add-on, this post/tutorial will show you how. I'm [...]

Check Out this VIDEO! How to Add a Slider To Your WordPress Website!

I made a really comprehensive video tutorial on how to use the slider revolution plugin for wordpress. It's a little long but that's only because I wanted to cover everything and not cheat anyone out of all the premium features of this plugin. Not only did I create this video for you, but for me. [...]

READ THIS!! If You Are Making a Website With the Sydney Theme

There are two things that have changed since the making of the sydney theme wordpress tutorial. Hover over TYPES, a pop up will come up -> Click on Dashboard -> Scroll down the page to IMPORT/EXPORT The types plugin has updated and now you must do something to make the categories show up. Go into your [...]

Using a Child Theme for SYDNEY THEME (Footer Modification)

Additional Steps for your Sydney Theme website IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR COPYRIGHT IN YOUR FOOTER STAYS CUSTOMIZED FOREVER This is a quick write up on adding a child theme to your SYDNEY theme wordpress website (only if you used the Sydney theme tutorial). The reason why you MIGHT want to have a [...]

How to Translate Your WordPress Website Using the Polylang Plugin

There are a variety of WordPress plugins that you can use to translate your website (some better than others). Today we are going over the FREE translator plugin called Polylang. I really like the WPML plugin but it is a premium plugin that cost money. It's great because it's seamless and takes very little effort. [...]

I bought an electric skateboard

It doesn't come until March 2016 since it's still in development but this seemed like the right site to mention it. I'm guessing this will be a hot 2016 Christmas gift. I'll do a review on it when I get it. Don't think of it as a skateboard. Think of it as a short-route transportation [...]

Blogging Tips All Bloggers Should Use

Writing an article (same as a blog post but sounds more professional) is easy. All you have to do is come up with content and type it up. But how you blog could be the difference between a visitor staying on your site and reading what you wrote or just bouncing (leaving) your site right [...]


Driving traffic to your website does not happen overnight. But having a game plan is important. One of the best ways to drive traffic is to use content marketing. Of course, there are many different ways to drive traffic but content marketing is one of the ways you can sort of "cheat" the system. Of [...]